'Indians in Uruguay Square'

Article from La Nacion (Paraguay), 13 September 2007

In Uruguay Square, under the tolerant eye of the government and city hall, Indians have set up camp, showing the citizens of Asuncion how to go about destroying a beautiful, expensive area and how to live as people did in Neolithic times.

According to Asuncion’s mayor, these Indians have decided to stay there, no matter what. They’ve emerged from history’s catacombs, encouraged by the most irresponsible NGOs in a country crawling with irresponsible NGOs, to test the patience of Asuncion’s citizens who pay their taxes and don’t want to live like the Indians live, in no way whatsoever, even though there are some Catholic priests who receive money from foreign donors, for purposes of ‘aid’, precisely to make this kind of absurdity happen.

A Neolithic, Indian camp right in the city centre is unthinkable, but there it is, like a dangerous cancer, spreading bad smells, destruction and contamination. The city’s being punished, for no reason, and it shouldn’t have to pay for it. The Indians have to learn to live like people, or get back to the jungle.

If things carry on like this, if this leftist climate that makes people stupid continues, then soon one of the Indian leaders will declare himself a direct descendant of Arambaré and, with NGO money, move into the Lopez Palace and turn it into a pig-sty. It wouldn’t be too over-the-top to say that if the Indians can take over a public square which belongs to all of Asuncion’s citizens, and which was designed, built and is now maintained by its citizens, then they can do anything.

The Indians need to become civilized, to become Paraguayans, to forget this stupid idea of trying to preserve their backward, withered culture, and in so doing live like people who pay their taxes. Either that, or return to the depths of the jungle and carry on living with the animals. There’s no alternative. Paraguayans shouldn’t have to pay taxes to maintain an out-of-date way of living that can’t support itself.

I haven’t met a single Paraguayan who wants to live in an Indian village, even though there are some very nearby, nor study their filthy habits. But I do know Indians who want to live in Asuncion in order to be educated, to escape the jungle mentality, and to turn themselves into human beings with access to everything civilization has to offer.

I think it’s time to stop all this European nonsense which gets sillier by the day and wants to bring the dinosaurs back to life in order to see how, not just in the movies, a T-Rex devours people, and then defends them because they are its diet and it is its right to eat them.

The anthropologists want to have the Indians close-at-hand so they can study them like animals – with foreign money that goes more to personal enrichment than research. It’s time to tell them that, instead, they should dig up the remains of savage Vikings to see how they lived, or suggest to the King of Sweden that he installs a Viking tribe in Stockholm’s main square, or suggest to the ‘sensible’ people on the political left in the USA that they should bring Sioux tribes, Blackfeet, Pawnees and Dakotas to the Dupont Circle in Washington – an impossible idea because they killed all of them.

Why should we Paraguayans have to suffer a Neolithic camp in Uruguay Square? Because we are South Americans and we don’t know how to defend our rights and we believe in all kinds of silly things, especially those printed on European or American paper.